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Reblogging because I did the thing.

lol omg I did it tooo

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I felt so sad during this scene like, Lydia is doing her best but she doesn’t find anything, she’s so broken. Just look at her eyes, it’s like she haven’t closed them for all weekend, she doesn’t want to close them because she is so concentrate on this, she doesn’t want to lose someone else, she wants to do her best, to save everyone. Kira and Malia stayed with her during this whole time. They are here with Lydia, for Lydia, and it’s great, she’s alone because she’s the only Banshee, but not completely, friendship is always on Teen Wolf, and that’s the most important thing on this TV show. (wow, sorry, I’m having so many feels rn)

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peter hale + v necks

"i heard you were coming to talk to peter, and since lydia tells me he’s basically satan in a v neck, i figured you shouldn’t be alone."

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1.04 / 4.03

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Every day is an off day without Allison and even the strongest break down at times.

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I didn’t realize the Giffoni Film Festival was actually a GQ photoshoot.

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derek hale + smiling in s4

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